I'm a creative professional
specializing in UX | UI and
packaging design.

With 18 years of experience on
large scale print & digital design
projects I help my clients find
solutions for their visual demands.

About me

I'm a creative professional specialising in graphic design, branding, digital design, videography, and product photography.

I don’t shy away from responsibility.
I have an eye for details, aesthetics, and layout. I am driven by a desire to create stunning work that stands out.

I enjoy experimenting with new design tools and approaches. I don't have any problem receiving constructive criticism and always aim to achieve marketing goals.



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My approach

Graphic design is about passion and skill and I work hard to apply both to every project. My work varies in style but is usually clean, direct, and modern.

I start with a research phase - getting to know your company, your competition, your goals. Proper planning is the key to designing a unique and effective end product.

I enjoy visualising complex information - finding ways to feature key points in your article or data using various design techniques (typography, colours, illustration, animation).

I like to come up with innovative graphic solutions and not just copy popular design styles. While this can take more effort and time, it’s very important if you want to stand out in a saturated market.

What I do

I have worked on projects in the following fields:

  • 01 Digital design UI | UX
  • 02 Product Design
  • 03 Art Direction
  • 04 Identity Design
  • 05 Graphic Design
  • 06 Packaging Design
  • 07 Illustration
  • 08 Video Recording
  • 09 Video Editing
  • 10 Product Photography


A list of tools I have mastered and use most frequently in my work:

  • 01 Figma
  • 02 Adobe Photoshop
  • 03 Adobe Indesign
  • 04 Adobe Illustrator
  • 05 Adobe Lightroom
  • 06 Adobe After Effects
  • 07 Adobe Premiere Pro
  • 08 Affinity Designer
  • 09 Procreate
  • 10 Power Point


While I enjoy working on one-time projects, building long-term relationships with clients is most rewarding. I can work with you to establish a style guide - logo, identity manual, websites, packaging - that will help you build a recognizable brand.

I worked with:
Diners Club, Swiss Premium Cosmetics AG, Make-up Designory, HiPP, Many Ethnicities, Exceptional Web, Visible Dots, Ideas Made, Achoo, Iconic Sales, NuiSwim, Lifis, Edasi, IURALL, Tradee, Wiesenberg, ADStar, Dyvenia, Arte Dell'automobile, Berit-Exbit Schulen AG, elline, FLK Automobile, Vibes Automobile, Car Target Group, Vehicle Rent, Jeffrey Schmidt, iStor Secure IT, Fit Fuel

Ilirija, NIL, Golf klub Lipica, Vzajemna, Filozofska fakulteta, Casino Kongo, Gozdno Gospodarstvo Bled, Melamin, Odvetniška družba Peternel, Fip IT, Združenje večjih gozdnih posesti, Akson, vrtec Peter Pan, Združenje psihoterapevtov Slovenije, Društvo za zaščito živali Ljubljana, Flavamed, Zbrnica bar in žar, Arhar, Znak, elite slovenia

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I can help your business become more recognisable, attract new customers and grow with targeted design solutions.

I work quickly, usually ahead of deadlines.

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